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Shinatatsu Haneda

The first branch of the popular "Shinatatsu" popular food theme park from Shinagawa will be opening in Haneda. This will be a ramen food court which will feature the new brand "Chuka Soba Fukumi" and "Hakata Tonkotsu Waraibuta", both produced by famous shop Ramen Setagaya, as well as "Kanazawa Miso Ramen Shinsen" by popular Kanazawa restaurant Shinsen. Come enjoy a great bowl of ramen prepared by these 3 brands.

Location Haneda Airport International Terminal Station 3rd Floor (Departure Lobby)
Hours 7:00-23:00

Chuka Soba Fukumi

Produced by famous shop Ramen Setagaya. Chinese noodles made with a broth that fully draws out the delicious flavors of whole chickens and konbu kelp!

Hakata Tonkotsu Waraibuta

Produced by famous shop Ramen Setagaya. Hakata tonkotsu ramen made by simmering the umami flavor from pork bones!

Kanazawa Miso Ramen Shinsen

A dish featuring the ultimate miso ramen and rich roasted pork belly that has won numerous awards including 1st place at the Tokyo Ramen Show!