Train Status


Airport guide(2F)

Please be aware that some international flights depart from Terminal 2.

Traveling by train/bus/taxi

  1. 1.Keikyu Line
  2. 2.Keikyu Limousine Bus terminal

    Bus terminals are accessible by elevator.

  3. 3.Taxi stand
  4. 4.Free shuttle bus

    Access to the Domestic Terminal.


  1. 5.KEIKYU Tourist Information Center
  2. 6.Bus Ticket Sales Counter
  3. 7.Sightseeing information center
  4. 8.Pay phones (international calls available)


  1. 9・10.Men's and women's washrooms (nursing room available)
  2. 11.Smoking area (smoking is prohibited indoors)


Restaurants, currency exchange, bank ATMs, delivery, cell phone rental and international roaming services are available.
For details, please ask an airport attendant.

  • *Link to Tokyo International Air Terminal Corporation website.