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Hayama Excursion Ticket

Welcome to Zushi & Hayama

Zushi & Hayama is a resort area with appealing beautiful oceans and scenery located approximately 1 hour from central Tokyo.
The area is well known as the location of the Hayama Goyotei which is often visited by the imperial family, and is also popular as the home to a variety of stylish restaurants and cafes with ocean views. Twilight lends the area a dreamy atmosphere, and the light of the setting sun surrounds distant Mt. Fuji, a phenomenon referred to as the "Morito sekisho" (Morito evening glow)". Come and enjoy a lovely day in this beachside town!

"Hayama Excursion Ticket" is a special discount ticket set which includes a Train & Bus ticket, Meal Ticket, and Leisure Facility Use or Souvenir Ticket!

(This is not for women only, and can be purchased by anyone.)

  • Where to Purchase:
    Digital Ticket: Available for purchase on the Miura COCOON Website -
    Physical Ticket: All Keikyu Line Stations(Excluding Sengakuji Station・Zushi-Hayama Station)
  • Valid Period: 1 Day