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Conditions of Use

1. Copyright

The copyright and other intellectual property rights, or the right of use and other rights, to all works (text data, images, and all other contents) and other information contained in the Site are owned by the Company or by the submitter of the work. Downloading, printing out, and otherwise reproducing the Site are restricted to private use within the limited scope of personal or family use. Please refrain from duplicating (copying, uploading, publishing, quoting, etc.) the information and programs on the Site to other websites and printed matter without the Company's prior consent, and refrain from otherwise using, without notice, the contents published on the Site beyond the scope approved by copyright law.

2. Trademark

The right to trademarks (company logos, brand marks, service marks, etc.) displayed on the Site is owned by the Company or by the owner that approved the Company's use of its trademark. Please refrain from using a trademark without notice to the trademark owner.

3. Linking to the Site

Linking is prohibited from websites containing contents considered to be:

  • created with the intention of libeling or damaging the confidence of the Company or third parties other than the Company
  • created with the intention of infringing the copyright, trademark, or other intellectual property right of the Company or third parties other than the Company
  • created for the purpose of conducting commercial transactions by linking to the Site, displaying the contents of the Site, etc.
  • offending to public order and morality

When establishing links to the Site, as a rule:

  • link to the Site's home page (

    The link may only display the URL or be text links such as "Keikyu Corporation" or "Haneda Airport Access Guide. Links displayed within a frame or that are otherwise unclear that they lead to the Company's Site are prohibited, as they may mislead users.

  • External links from the Site do not indicate that the Company recommends those companies, products, services, etc. The Company assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any damages resulting from the contents or from your viewing of those websites.

4. Disclaimer

The Company does not warrant whatsoever any damages resulting from the use of or inability to use the contents on the Site, or from the interruption or discontinuation of Site operations or changes in information, regardless of the cause.
The Company does not warrant your safety in using the contents on the Site (the occurrence of errors, normal performance of various functions, corrections if a problem occurs, the infection of the Site and server by computer viruses and other detriments, etc.).

5. Information published on the Site

The Company does not warrant whatsoever the accuracy, timeliness, usefulness, or any other state of the information published on the Site. The Company may add, change, modify, remove, or interrupt or discontinue disclosure of information disclosed on the Site at its sole discretion without notice.

6. Recommended computer environment

The Company recommends the following computer environments. Note that the Site may not open or display correctly if used in other environments.
PC: Microsoft Internet Explorer(9.0,11.0), Chrome latest version
Smart Phone: iOS latest version, Android latest version

7. Governing law and court of jurisdiction

Any disputes and other matters whatsoever related to the Site will be governed by Japanese law. The Tokyo District Court of Japan will have exclusive jurisdiction for the settlement of such disputes.

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However rejecting cookies restrict some of our services on-line and limit the customers' convenience.


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2. Data protection

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