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Tokyo 1-Day Ticket

Unlimited riding from the Keikyu Line to central Tokyo!

Enjoy Tokyo with a Keikyu Line round-trip discount ticket and a 1-day train and bus passenger ticket for the unlimited ride zone.

1.Ticket outline Keikyu Line Round-Trip Discount Ticket
Toei Subway (4 Lines), Toei Streetcar Arakawa Line, Nippori-Toneri Liner, and Toei Bus 1 day free ticket
2.Valid period 1 day
3.Prices Price from main stations
900 yen for adults and 450 yen for children from Shinagawa
1,140 yen for adults and 570 yen for children from Yokohama
4.Sales Locations All Keikyu Line stations (excluding Sengakuji Station)

Unrestricted transfer zone