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Ticket information

PASMO information

PASMO can be used as a regular or commuter ticket on railways and buses in the greater Tokyo area, including Keikyu and lines covered by Suica (such as JR-East). It is a very convenient card, as it can also be used for shopping!

Route/Fare search

Search for routes and fares to and from Haneda Airport.

Entrance pass/Train pass

Information on train passes perfect for daily commuting to work or school.

Multiple-trip ticket type

Less expensive multiple-trip tickets are available for passengers using trains on weekday afternoons, weekends and holidays.

Local passenger ticket

Various details on tickets including ticket age divisions and expiration dates.

Ticket age divisions

Adult 12 years of age or older Adult fare
Child 6 to 11 years of age Child fare (elementary school students of 12 years old are charged the child fare)
Toddler 1 to 5 years of age Charged the child fare when travelling alone
Infants Less than 1 year old Free

Prices for tickets originating and terminating at Haneda Airport

Ticket expiration dates

Tickets are only valid for use on the day they are purchased.


If you accidentally purchase the wrong ticket at an automatic ticketing machine, please speak with a staff member.
Refunds can be obtained for tickets only during the ticket's valid period and before the ticket is used. The fee for is 140 yen for tickets originating and terminating within the Keikyu Line and 220 yen for tickets connecting to or from other lines.


Stopovers are not allowed. When exiting the ticket gates, the ticket is collected and can no longer be used.

Riding past designated stop/changing ride zone

Payment will be required for any difference between the fare for the designated ride zone and the purchased ticket. No excess payments will be refunded.