Train Status


Sale of Discount Tickets (updated on September 1)


We have been making adjustments with local governments along the Keikyu lines and with member shops, checking their preparedness and status of implementing measures to prevent the spread of infection, and have restarted the sale of discount tickets by stages depending on the characteristics of the respective tickets, while devising means to keep users isolated such as limiting the selling hours.

[Current status of discount ticket sales]

The current status is as follows.

On sale
  • Miura Peninsula 1-Day Ticket and Miura Peninsula 2-Day Ticket
  • Yokohama 1-Day Ticket
  • Tokyo 1-Day Ticket
  • Hakkeijima Seapara Ticket
  • Gumyoji Miurayu Hot Spring Ticket
  • Tokyo Bay Ferry Round-trip Ticket
  • Keikyu Haneda/Subway Common Pass
Limited on sale
  • Misaki Maguro Day Trip Ticke
  • Yokosuka Enjoy Ticket
  • Hayama Excursion Ticket

* Made available from the start of the service to 9:59 and from 13:00 all days

Sale under suspension
  • Greater Tokyo Pass
  • Haneda-Yokohama Pass
  • Haneda-Tokyo-Yokohama Pass
  • Tokyo-Yokohama Pass
  • WELCOME!Tokyo Subway 24-hour/48-hour/72-hour Ticket(round trip)

*Invitation tickets for the Misaki Maguro Day Trip Ticket and the Yokosuka Enjoy Ticket and the Hayama Excursion Ticket can be used all days.

*These schedules may change depending on moves of the national and local governments and the circumstances.