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【運行情報】京急蒲田駅での車両点検の影響で泉岳寺駅〜京急川崎駅間の上り線の一部電車に遅れ。 次の路線にて振替輸送実施中です。 JR線、東急線、相鉄線、横浜市営地下鉄線、りんかい線、東京モノレール、都営地下鉄浅草線、横浜シーサイドライン  各社局にて振替輸送実施中

"Airport Gacha" and "Keikyu Gacha" capsule machines installed


Starting December 5, 2017 (Tue.), the Keikyu Group, which provides access from Haneda Airport to Tokyo and Yokohama areas, has installed "Airport Gacha" capusule machines, which are popular with international visitors, on the 3rd floor concourse of the Wing airport Haneda commercial facility located inside Haneda Airport International Terminal Station on the Keikyu Line. Keikyu Gacha capsule machines filled with original Keikyu Electric Railway products have also been installed, allowing visitors to enjoy the facility as their last souvenir purchasing spot before leaving Japan. A total of 60 machines has been installed with usage prices ranging from 100 to 500 yen (tax inclusive).
See the following website for more details on Wing airport Haneda:

  • *"Gacha" is a registered trademark of T-arts Company Ltd.
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