Train Status


Keikyu initiatives


1Smoking ban

Smoking is prohibited throughout stations and on trains at all times.
Thank you for your cooperation.

2Use of baggage carts in Haneda Airport Terminal 3

Baggage carts are prohibited on trains.
Please return baggage carts to a designated area.

3Notice on boarding trains

Please wait for passengers to exit before boarding. Do not shove your way onto trains. Please wait in line behind the marking designated for your train. Never cut in line, as it disturbs other passengers. Never rush onto a train, as it is dangerous.

4For inquiries

Please wait in line to make an inquiry, such as about buying tickets.
Staff members will assist one customer at a time.

5Manners on trains

Please switch your cell phone to silent mode and refraining from making or taking voice calls.
Please switch your cell phone off near Priority Seats.
Please offer Priority Seats to disabled or pregnant passengers.
Please refrain from eating and drinking onboard trains.

Please be courteous and make seat room for as many passengers as possible, such as by placing your belongings on the rack above rather than on the seat next to you.
Please do not leave any litter behind on trains.

Railway counter-terrorism measures

As part of our railway counter-terrorism measures, Keikyu is reinforcing patrols and inspections of trains, stations and railway facilities by station staff members and on-train security guards. In addition to setting up intercoms at all stations for making inquiries and reporting suspicious items from platforms to the station office, we are also adding surveillance cameras at stations, having set up 386 cameras at 68 stations as of June 2009. We also conduct anti-terrorism training in cooperation with police and fire departments.