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Natural Hot Spring Heiwajima

Natural Hotspring Heiwajima early morning and late night pickup and drop off service

Natural Hotspring Heiwajima onsen hot spring and napping facility close to the airport (15 minutes by bus from Haneda!) and Late Night Pack free airport shuttle bus service for convenience!

Keep your skin smooth and moist, and relax at Natural Hot spring Heiwajima. Whether you are departing on an early flight or arriving on a late one, the free shuttle bus makes getting to and from the airport easy even when the trains aren't running. Women-only relaxation spaces are also available to provide you with peace of mind.
In addition, there is a discount store located adjacent to the facility so visitors can enjoy shopping before leaving.
An advance reservation is necessary for use of the free airport shuttle bus.

Relaxation space

A spacious bath to enjoy the natural hot spring

Discount store, perfect for buying souvenirs