View cherry blossoms and receive original goods!

Campaign exclusive

Free Keikyu x Cherry blossom pattern original hand towel!

*Actual prize may differ from that shown.

Campaign period
February 5 (Tues.) to March 3 (Sun.), 2019

● During the campaign period, visit a staff counter at Miurakaigan Station or Misakiguchi Station on Keikyu lines!
● At the counter, show one of the following:
“Misaki Maguro Day Trip Ticket” “Keikyu Misaki Maguro Pass” “Campaign site” “Campaign leaflet”
● Receive a limited-edition original towel!
● Exchanges are limited to once per person while supplies last.

What are Miura's Kawazuzakura?

Every year from February to March, visitors can enjoy approximately 1,000 Kawazuzakura cherry blossom trees in the Miura area, located approximately 1 hour from central Tokyo. The cherry blossoms are located just a 13 minute walk from Miurakaigan Station!

From Haneda Airport International Terminal Station take any train other than the "Airport Limited Express" from platform No. 2 and then at Keikyu Kamata Station change to the "Limited Express (Kaitoku)" or "Limited Express (Tokkyu)" for Misakiguchi from platform No. 3 (For Yokohama). From Shinagawa take the "Limited Express (Kaitoku)" or "Limited Express (Tokkyu)" for Misakiguchi from platform No. 1.

Use the Misaki Maguro Day Trip Ticket for a 1 day trip to inexpensively enjoy Miura's Kawazuzakura cherry blossoms!

The Misaki Maguro Day Trip Ticket is a discount ticket set which includes travel tickets, tuna cuisine, and leisure activities.

Keikyu train &
Keikyu bus

A great

A passenger ticket set which includes round trip train tickets for the Keikyu Line and an unlimited ride ticket for designated Keikyu Bus areas

meal coupon of
your choice


Choose your cuisine from a selection of 23 restaurants! A variety of famous tuna dishes!

Leisure facility Use or Souvenir coupon Selection


Choose activities or souvenirs from 18 selections!


Use a Leisure Facility Ticket to enjoy a bath
while looking out on the cherry blossoms!

Hotel Keikyu Aburatubo Kanchosou has an open-air bath offering views of cherry blossoms and the ocean.
*See “1. Recommended plan” below for directions!

Recommended example course using the Misaki Maguro Day Trip Ticket.

*Only one usage of leisure facilities and souvenirs marked with a black star ★ is included in the Misaki Maguro Day Trip Ticket. Additional uses will require separate fees.
*The times presented in the model course are only approximations. Please check actual train and bus times for your own schedule.

(1) Recommended course


Purchase tickets at Shinagawa Station on the Keikyu Line and board the Keikyu Line


Exit the train at Miurakaigan Station


Enjoy Kawazuzakura cherry blossoms


Board bus from Miurakaigan Station (stop no. 1) and head to Misaki Port


Arrive at Misaki Port and board the Glass-bottom Boat Nijiro Sakana (★)


Enjoy tuna cuisine in the Misaki Port area (★)


Travel by bus to Hotel Keikyu Aburatubo Kanchosou from Misaki Port.
Enjoy an open-air bath while viewing the cherry blossoms♪ (★)


Take bus to Misakiguchi Station


Return to Shinagawa Station on the Keikyu Line

(2) Nighttime cherry blossom course


Purchase tickets at Shinagawa Station on the Keikyu Line and board the Keikyu Line


Board bus from Misakiguchi Station (stop no. 2) and head to Jogashima


Experience the expansive natural surroundings of Jogashima
(Jogasaki Prefectural Park, Umiu Tenbodai Lookout, Umanose Domon, etc.)


Have lunch at Jogashima (enjoy tuna and other seafood delicacies) (★)


Take ferry (★) from Jogashima to Misaki Port


Use a rental cycle from Direct Center Urari(★)


Enjoy teatime at Misaki Donuts (★)


Take bus from Misaki Port to Misakiguchi Station


Take the Keikyu Line from Misakiguchi Station to Miurakaigan Station


Enjoy the nighttime illumination of the Kawazuzakura cherry blossoms


Return to Shinagawa Station on the Keikyu Line