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Tinys Yokohama Hinodecho, a fashionable hostel underneath the railway


Keikyu Corporation, which provides access from Haneda Airport to Tokyo and Yokohama areas operates the Tinys Yokohama Hinodecho complex which is composed of a hostel, café lounge, and other features. Located under a railway bridge between Hinodecho Station (KK39) and Koganecho Station (KK40) with convenient access via the Keikyu Line from Haneda Airport, Shinagawa, and other locations in approximately 30 minutes. Why not come visit this little-known place under the railway and create memories of your trip unlike anywhere else.
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More detailed information on Tinys Yokohama Hinodecho here:
http://yokohama.tinys.life/ (Official website)
http://fb.com/tinys.yokohama (Facebook)
https://www.instagram.com/tinys.yokohama/ (Instagram)

[Facility logo]

[Tinys Hostel exterior]

[Tinys Hostel exterior]

[Tinys Hostel interior]

[Tinys Hostel interior]

[Tinys Living Hub (café lounge)]


Tinys Yokohama Hinodecho

1. Facility overview

  1. (1)Location
    2-166 Hinodecho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa-ken
  2. (2)Access
    An approximately 4 minute walk from Hinodecho Station (KK39) on the Keikyu Line
    An approximately 7 minute walk from Keikyu Koganecho Station Station (KK40) on the Keikyu Line
    • * Both stations are approximately 30 minutes from Haneda Airport and 25 minutes from Shinagawa
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2. Business Overview

(1) Tinys Hostel

  1. I.Hours
    Check-in: 16:00-21:00 / Checkout by 10:00
  2. II.No. of guest rooms
    3 rooms (each room can accommodate a maximum of 4 people)
  3. III.Rates
    Dormitory (men and women separate): From ¥3,600
    Single room: From ¥18,000

(2) Tinys Living Hub (café lounge)

  1. I.Hours
    11:00-14:00 (lunch), 18:00-22:00 (bar time) *closed on Tuesdays
  2. II.No. of seats
  3. III.Products offered
    Original hamburgers, Raclette cheeseburgers, and other light meals, various drinks (craft beers and other alcohol, soft drinks, etc.)