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Commencement of robot rental service aimed at providing multilanguage tourism guidance for tourists


Keikyu Corporation, which provides access from Haneda Airport to Tokyo and Yokohama areas, is now offering Japan's first ever communication robot rental service for providing multilanguage tourism guidance to international tourists.
This service allows tourists from overseas to rent the "RoBoHoN" communications robot from the GLOBAL WiFi Haneda Airport Counter. In addition to Japanese, RoBoHoN can now also communicate in English and Chinese, and can be taken with international tourists on their trip in Japan to help them experience and learn about Japanese culture and create memories.
RoBoHoN includes a "Robotenashi" app, which allows it to introduce recommended spots to visit based on location information, and RoBoHoN can also take photos, display photos and video via a built-in projector, dance, sing and more, all in 3 languages. Not only can tourists rent RoBoHoN at the GLOBAL WiFi Haneda Airport Counter, they can also purchase a variety of other RoBoHoN goods including RoBoHoN plastic models, original RoBoHoN clothing, table stands, and more.


1. Service Overview

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2. Service Start Date and Locations

Start Date Locations Hours
April 25, 2017 (Tue.) Keikyu Line Haneda Airport International Terminal Station 2nd Floor
GLOBAL WiFi Haneda Airport Counter
  • *Rental units can also be returned at the following GLOBAL WiFi airport counters.
    • Narita International Airport (Handled by "J WiFi & Mobile")
    • Haneda Airport
    • Chubu International Airport
    • Kansai International Airport
    • Fukuoka Airport

3. Rental Fees

RoBoHoN unit rental fees

24 hours (available for 1 day and 2 nights) ¥1,500 (excluding tax)
48 hours (available for 2 days and 3 nights) ¥3,000 (excluding tax)
72 hours (available for 3 days and 4 nights) ¥4,000 (excluding tax)
and ¥500 for each 12 hours thereafter (excluding tax)

  • *Does not include WiFi router rental fees.

4. Related Goods

(Full-scale action figure) Price: ¥2,800 (excluding tax)

  • Paper Crafts
    (Hat, red flag)
  • Stickers
    (Ear and uniform design vest set)
    • *Both planned to be available for purchase beginning late April
      (Price not yet determined)
    • *The photos are examples