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Welcome to JAPAN! Lunar New Year Campaign 2017


The Keikyu Group, which provides access from Haneda Airport to Tokyo and Yokohama areas, is holding a present campaign for international visitors to Japan from January 20 (Fri.) to February 4 (Sat.) to coincide with the lunar New Year, during which Japan receives an increased number of visitors from other countries throughout Asia.
See the following URLs for details on the campaign where visitors can receive original Keikyu presents.

◆Campaign Page URL

(English) http://www.haneda-tokyo-access.com/en/welcomecp/index.html
(Chinese Simplified) http://www.haneda-tokyo-access.com/cn/welcomecp/index.html
(Chinese Traditional) http://www.haneda-tokyo-access.com/tc/welcomecp/index.html
(Korean) http://www.haneda-tokyo-access.com/kr/welcomecp/index.html