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The "Haneda Airport-Hakuba Line" will be opened in mid-December.


In cooperation with Alpico Kotsu Tokyo Co., Ltd., the Keikyu Group's Haneda Keikyu Bus Co., Ltd.
will be operating the new Keikyu Limousine Bus line the "Haneda Airport-Hakuba Line" (approval pending) throughout winter starting mid-December.
The village of Hakuba in Nagano Prefecture is visited by a large number of tourists interested in winter sports and has also become an extremely popular destination for international visitors. The soon to be established Hakuba Line will be a direct service from the Haneda Airport International Terminal to the Hakuba area which will allow even passengers with large hand luggage to travel direct to their destination without having to make any transfers. The vehicles used for the line will not be the normal Keikyu Limousine Bus vehicles, but will instead be the long distance overnight express buses which feature separate 3 row seating to allow customers to relax in comfort.
In order to allow passengers to travel in comfort, the vehicles also feature restrooms, Wi-Fi service, blankets for use on the buses and more. The buses are also equipped with tablets for interpreting between different languages and English guidance on the onboard monitors to ensure smooth communication with international travelers.
The Keikyu Bus Group will continue to strengthen its Haneda Airport access services by further expanding routes and improving convenience.
See the details on the attached sheet.

Overnight express type bus to be used for
the Hakuba Line

Interior 3 row seating

◆New "Haneda Airport-Hakuba Line" Route

1. Operated by:

Haneda Keikyu Bus Co., Ltd., Alpico Kotsu Tokyo Co., Ltd. (join operation by both companies)

2. Service Period (Planned)

December 17, 2016 (Sat.) to March 5, 2017 (Sun.)

  • *No service between December 29, 2016 (Thurs.) and January 3, 2017 (Tue.)

3. Operation Area

Haneda Airport International Terminal - Hakuba Goryu - Hakuba Railway Station - Hakuba Happo Bus Terminal

4. Bus Stops

Haneda Airport (International Terminal) Stop No. 6
Hakuba Goryu On National Route 148
Hakuba Railway Station At bus stop at plaza in front of station
Hakuba Happo Bus Terminal -

5. Operation Schedule

[Departing Haneda Airport (International Terminal)]

Bus Stop Keikyu Alpico
Depart Haneda Airport
(International Terminal)
7:40 12:40
Arrive Hakuba Goryu 12:58 17:58
Arrive Hakuba Railway Station 13:05 18:05
Arrive Hakuba Happo Bus Terminal 13:10 18:10

[Departing Hakuba Happo Bus Terminal]

Bus Stop Alpico Keikyu
Depart Hakuba Happo Bus Terminal 10:40 15:40
Depart Hakuba Railway Station 10:45 15:45
Depart Hakuba Goryu 10:52 15:52
Arrive Haneda Airport
(International Terminal)
16:10 21:10

6. Fares

Adults 9,000 yen Children 7,000 yen

  • *Fares are the same for all Hakuba stops

7. Vehicles and Onboard Equipment

Vehicles: 3 row seating buses
Onboard equipment: Wi-Fi service, blanket loan, restrooms

  • *Onboard equipment will differ depending on the operating company.

8. Reservations and Ticket Sales

  1. (1)Advance reservations and sales
    Sold by Express Bus Reservation Website "Hassha Alright Net"
  1. (2)Same-day Sales
    Tickets can be purchased on the day of travel at the following locations when seats are available
    Haneda Airport International Terminal Station Automatic Ticketing Machines and Bus Ticket Sales Counter
    Departing Hakuba: Hakuba Happo Bus Terminal, Hakuba Office