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Implements the '"Save with a Plane Ticket' renovation commemoration campaign"!


The Keikyu Group, which provides access from Haneda Airport to Tokyo and Yokohama areas, is implementing the "'Save with a Plane Ticket' renovation commemoration campaign" from April 25 (Mon.) to June 30 (Thurs.) in commemoration of the renovation of the "Wing airport Haneda" commercial facility located inside Haneda Airport International Terminal Station.
During the campaign period, customers who present an airline ticket (or equivalent) for arrival at or departure from Haneda Airport can receive a variety of amenities and special deals at various shops including the "Shinatatsu Haneda" ramen food court which recently opened, as well as "Laox", "Matsumoto Kiyoshi" and " 7-Eleven", which offer tax free sales to international visitors.
Be sure to come and visit the "Wing airport Haneda" shopping spot before you leave Japan the next time you use Haneda Airport.
See the details on the attached sheet.

Wing airport Haneda

[Wing airport Haneda details here]
http://www.haneda-tokyo-access.com/en/wingairport/ (English)

◆"Save with a Plane Ticket" campaign details

1. Name

'"Save with a Plane Ticket' renovation commemoration campaign"

2. Campaign Period

April 25, 2016 (Mon.) to June 30, 2016 (Thurs.)

3. Overview

Customers who present an "airline ticket stub" for arrival to or departure from Haneda Airport, or an "airline ticket stub equivalent" can receive the below-noted special services at various shops.

  • *Note "Airline ticket stub equivalents" can include printed out reservation receipts, "iPhonePassbook" smartphone screens, etc.

4. Special service details

Shop Name Novelty goods/service
7-Eleven Receive 1 free drink with purchase of products
Matsumoto Kiyoshi 10% discount off of purchase total
Laox 5% discount on all stainless steel bottle products
Shinatatsu Haneda 1 special health food drink for diners
Global WiFi® Wi-Fi router rental "NINJA WiFi"
Normal price of 900 yen per day discounted to 800 yen (consumption tax not included)
J WalkerSIM Special discounts
7 day (4,050 yen → 3,000 yen)
15 day (5,500 yen → 4,500 yen)
Travelex Rate discount campaign *For cash payments only
DIVA Dental Clinic Self-whitening discount (special price 3,000 yen (tax excluded))

◆Renovation details

1. New opening of ramen food court "Shinatatsu Haneda"

  1. (1)Shop Name
    "Shinatatsu Haneda"
  2. (2)Location
    Wing airport Haneda 3rd floor
  3. (3)Opens
    April 25, 2016 (Mon.)
  4. (4)Hours
  5. (5)Overview
    Newly opening as a branch of "Shinatatsu" which operates underneath the elevated section of Shinagawa Station on the Keikyu Line. Will provide 3 ramen shop brands which include new business types as a food court type eating establishment. Will also feature multiple language support for ticket sales machines and restaurant signage in order to accommodate the large numbers of expected international customers.
  1. "Chuka Soba Fukumi"
  2. "Hakata Tonkotsu Waraibuta"
  3. "Kanazawa Miso Ramen Shinsen"

2. "Global WiFi®" shop renovation

  1. (1)Shop Name
    "Global WiFi®"
  2. (2)Location
    Wing airport Haneda 2nd floor
  3. (3)Renovation Date
    April 25, 2016 (Mon.)
  4. (4)Hours
  5. (5)Overview
    Congestion mitigation through addition of counter seating (double from previous 3 seats to 6 seats)

3. New installation of SIM card automatic sales machine

  1. (1)Name
    J Walker SIM automatic sales machine
  2. (2)Location
    In front of Wing airport Haneda 2nd floor Keikyu Tourist Information Center (Hereinafter "Keikyu TIC") counter (next to Seven Bank ATM)
  3. (3)Service Start Date
    April 25, 2016 (Mon.)
  4. (4)Hours
    From first train of the day to last train of the day
  5. (5)Products Sold
    7 day version (6 day + 1 day) / 15 day version (14 day + 1 day)
  • *Telecommunications standard: LTE/3G

4. New installation of digital signage drink vending machine

  1. (1)Name
    Digital signage drink vending machine
  2. (2)Location
    Behind Wing airport 2nd floor Keikyu TIC counter
  3. (3)Service Start Date
    March 23, 2016 (Wed.)
  4. (4)Hours
    From first train of the day to last train of the day
  5. (5)Overview
  • 4 languages available via touch panel operation (English, Chinese (Simplified), Korean, Japanese)
  • Photo taking function (can take photo with each purchase, data can be transmitted via LINE)