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Welcome! Tokyo Subway Ticket

Unlimited transfer between Tokyo subway lines for 24-72 hours!

Includes a one-way or round trip ticket between Keikyu Line Haneda Airport International Terminal Station and Sengakuji and unlimited transfer between all Tokyo subway lines, with a valid period that can be selected from 24-72 hours to suit travel plans.

1.Ticket outline

One way or round trip between Haneda Airport International Terminal and Sengakuji

Tokyo Subway (Toei Subway+Tokyo Metro Subway) Free Ticket (24 hours, 48 hours, 72 hours)

Unrestricted transfer zone

2.Valid period

24 hours、48 hours、72 hours


[Keikyu Line one-way]
24 hours Adults 1,200 yen Children 600 yen
48 hours Adults 1,600 yen Children 800 yen
72 hours Adults 1,900 yen Children 950 yen

[Keikyu Line round trip]
24 hours Adults 1,500 yen Children 750 yen
48 hours Adults 1,900 yen Children 950 yen
72 hours Adults 2,200 yen Children 1,100 yen

4.Sales Locations

Keikyu Tourist Information Center


Passport must be presented when purchasing ticket.

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