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Haneda Airport Access Guide

Keikyu publishes an access guide useful to both business travelers and tourists. With timetables from Haneda Airport to central Tokyo and Yokohama, information about discount tickets and more, the booklet serves all travel needs in the Tokyo area. We look forward to your using the Haneda Airport Access Guide.

[PDF] English [2,491KB]

Misaki Maguro Day Trip Ticket

A great discounted ticket set which includes a round trip ticket to Misakiguchi Station on the Keikyu Line, a bus ticket for use within the designated Misaki area, a meal featuring tuna dishes and use of leisure facilities. A great way to enjoy tuna, Miura and Misaki in their entirety.

[PDF] English [9,133KB]

Hayama Excursion Ticket

The "Hayama Excursion Ticket" is a very affordable ticket set which includes train and bus tickets, a Zushi/Hayama Selection Meal Ticket, and a Souvenir Selection Ticket. Spend a relaxing day in a seaside town where you can catch spectacular views of Mt. Fuji on clear days.

[PDF] English [23,061KB]

Miura Tourist Map

Tourism information for the Miura Penisula area, an area of lush natural scenery which is famous for its tuna and can be reached from Tokyo in approximately 70 minutes on the Keikyu Line.

[PDF] English [1,740KB]

Ota City Tourist Information Center

The "Ota Tourist Information Center" opened on December 11 inside the commercial facilities directly connect to Keikyu Kamata Station, accessible in just 5 minutes from Haneda Airport International Terminal on the Keikyu Line.

[PDF] English [12,385KB]

Tinys Hinodecho Yokohama

Tinys Yokohama Hinodecho is a stylish complex consisting of a hostel, café lounge, and other features with easy access located under the railway bridge between Hinodecho Station and Koganecho Station approximately 30 minutes via the Keikyu Line from Haneda Airport and Shinagawa.

[PDF] English [21,013KB]