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Flat-rate fare taxi

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Set-fare taxi

What are Flat-rate fare taxi?

Flat-rate fare taxi are a service which allows passengers to use taxis within areas between usage locations and Haneda Airport Terminal for set fares which are indicated in advance. With normal taxis, heavy traffic and detours tend to drive fares higher, however with Flat-rate fare taxis, displaying a fixed fare in advance eliminates the worry about "not knowing the exact fare until arriving at the destination" by just looking at the meter amount, so this is being deployed as an easy to understand service for customers.


Use from Haneda Airport to various areas

Use from various areas to Haneda Airport

Taxis from operators which have received outstanding evaluations in terms of both safety and service are available from the Haneda Airport International Terminal taxi stand 24 hours a day. Flat-rate fare taxi are applied when riding from the airport taxi stands (for designated areas only).

[Taxi stand guidance]

Taxi stand guidance

Reservations can be made for use of taxis to Haneda Airport. The taxis can pick customers up at hotels, tourist sites or other designated areas.


①Contact the Keikyu dispatch center in advance by telephone and provide your desired date and time and pickup location.

[Keikyu dispatch center]
From outside of Japan +81-3-3474-2261

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②Taxi will come to pick up the customer at the customer designated location.

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③Taxi will deliver the customer to Haneda Airport safely.

*When being picked up at hotels or other lodgings, please notify the front desk of the taxi reservation.
*Please make any cancellations at least 1 hour before the reservation time.

Flat-rate fare taxi

Location Keikyu dispatch center Flat-rate fare Late night/early morning surcharge
①Edogawa Area Tokyo Area ¥7,000 +¥1,400
②Taito Area Tokyo Area ¥7,200 +¥1,400
③Sumida Area Tokyo Area ¥7,200 +¥1,300
④ Bunkyo Area Tokyo Area ¥7,300 +¥1,500
⑤ Chiyoda Area Tokyo Area ¥5,900 +¥1,200
⑥ Shinjuku Area Tokyo Area ¥7,100 +¥1,400
⑦ Shibuya Area Tokyo Area ¥6,600 +¥1,400
⑧ Adachi Area Tokyo Area ¥8,800 +¥1,600
⑨ Katsushika Area Tokyo Area ¥9,100 +¥1,600
⑩ Arakawa Area Tokyo Area ¥8,300 +¥1,500
⑪ Kita Area Tokyo Area ¥8,800 +¥1,600
⑫ Toshima Area Tokyo Area ¥8,900 +¥1,600
⑬ Nakano Area Tokyo Area ¥7,900 +¥1,500
⑭ Suginami Area Tokyo Area ¥8,500 +¥1,600
⑮ Setagaya Area Tokyo Area ¥6,900 +¥1,400
⑯ Itabashi Area Tokyo Area ¥9,900 +¥1,700
⑰ Nerima Area Tokyo Area ¥10,200 +¥1,800
⑱ Musashino Area Tokyo Area ¥11,200 +¥2,000
⑲ Mitaka Area Tokyo Area ¥10,600 +¥1,900

Payment Methods

In addition to cash, the following e-money and credit cards can be used.

Credit cards

JCB,VISA,MasterCard,American Express,DinersClub



Taxi information (sedan type)

sedan type

Taxi information (wagon type)

wagon type

*Only a limited number of wagon type taxis are available. Please check availability when making reservations.