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For everyone spending the lunar New Year in Japan "Lucky Station Name Ticket Campaign" Held at the Keiyku TIC from 1/27 (Mon.)-2/28 (Fri.)


Keikyu Corporation, which provides access from Haneda Airport to Tokyo and Yokohama areas, is holding the "Lucky Station Name Ticket Campaign" to coincide with the lunar New Year from January 27 (Mon.) to February 28 (Fri.) at the Keikyu Tourist Information Center established at Haneda Airport.
In this campaign, 1000 limited edition special platform tickets are being sold to visitors to Haneda Airport from overseas for "Kogane-cho Station" as tickets for a lucky station name in order to promote the lunar New Year mood.
There are a total of 73 stations on the Keikyu Line, however "Kogane-cho Station" is a very historical station opened for business in May of 1930. The station's name means "golden" which is a lucky name in Japanese. The special platform ticket designed for this campaign is a limited edition special ticket which displays the station name in koganeiro (gold color) in commemoration of the station name's meaning of "gold".
The special platform ticket comes in a set with a vinyl case which can be used as a souvenir or strap, and a leaflet explaining the special platform ticket (available in traditional Chinese, Korean and English) and is a great for both those who love trains and those who don't as a lucky charm. Keikyu Electric Railway has had many railway users from East Asia and other markets with large numbers of individual travelers in particular since the opening of the "Haneda Airport International Terminal Station" in October of 2010, and works to promote continued railway usage by visitors from overseas.
See the details on the attached sheet.
Kogane-cho Station special platform ticket and case
Kogane-cho Station special platform ticket and case
Photo of Kogane-cho Station
Photo of Kogane-cho Station

About the "Lucky Station Name Ticket Campaign"

1. Campaign Summary

Campaign Name:"Lucky Station Name Ticket Campaign"
Period:January 27 (Mon.) – February 28 (Fri.)

2. Gift Overview

Product Name Lucky Station Name Special Platform Ticket
Content Kogane-cho Station Platform Ticket, dedicated vinyl strap case, explanatory leaflet
Fees 130 yen
Specifications 30x57.5mm thick paper ticket
Quantity 1,000 tickets (campaign ends when supplies are exhausted)
Expiration Date March 31, 2014
Sales Location Keikyu Tourist Information Center inside the Haneda Airport International Terminal Station
Hours 7:00A.M.-22:00P.M. (365 days a year)
Purchase Method Visitors from overseas can purchase the ticket at the Keikyu Tourist Information Center during the campaign period by presenting their passport.
*Campaign limited to visitors from overseas.

3. Product Example

*The back of the ticket displays a ticket number from 0001 to 1000

4. Usage precautions

  • Ticket can only be used for entry to Kogane-cho Station. Cannot be used for entry to any other stations.
  • Purchasers cannot board the train. Boarding the train requires a separate train fare.
  • The ticket cannot be used in the automated ticket gates, so users must use aisles staffed by station personnel.
  • The ticket is valid for 1 use from the date of issue until March 31, 2014.

Keikyu Tourist Information Center

(1) Location

Keikyu Line Haneda Airport International Terminal Station 2nd Floor Arrival Lobby next to ticket gate

(2) Major Service Details

  • Transportation guidance focusing on the metropolitan area
    *The center also provides information on how to use ticket machines, station facilities and train information in addition to transportation access.
  • Sales of PASMO, tickets, etc. to visitors to Japan from overseas
    *Union Pay cards can be used to purchase normal passenger tickets on the Keikyu Line
  • Tourist guidance in cooperation with public administration
    *Tourist guidance is provided in cooperation with the following and the counter is registered as an accredited information center
    1. Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) "Visit Japan Tourist Information Office"
      *Accredited as a highest rank “Category 3” Tourist Information Center.
      (Only 7 centers accredited at this rank out of the 367 accredited centers in Japan as of December 7, 2013)
    2. Yokohama Convention & Visitors Bureau "Strategic Private Tourist Information Center"
    3. Tokyo "Tokyo Tourist Information Center"
  • Counter for tourists and hotel guests from group companies

(3) Hours

7:00-22:00 (365 days a year)

(4) No. of concierge staff

  • 2 staff always on duty
  • 4 languages handled (Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean)

(5) Other

The center carries out various campaigns for visitors from overseas who use the Keikyu Tourist Information Center as a starting point during peak tourist seasons which have made it popular with visitors, such as staff wearing Yukata summer kimonos to greet visitors during the summer season.
Keikyu TIC
Keikyu TIC
Campaign implemented in summer
Campaign implemented in summer