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Now accepting credit cards for ticket purchases from customers from overseas


Keikyu Line Haneda Airport International Terminal Station
Keikyu Tourist Information Center
The Keikyu TIC has been constantly staffed by concierge staff capable of speaking 4 languages (Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean) since October of 2010, providing a thorough selection of information services aimed at travelers from overseas, including sales of tickets and provision of transportation and tourist information,in order to ensure that visitors to Japan from overseas are able to have a smooth trip and the center received the highest rank of “category 3” in the Overseas Visitor Information Center Accreditation System in October 2012 by the Japan National Tourism Organization.
Starting now, in addition to the Union Pay cards which were usable up until now, the center will also accept other credit cards for which there were a number of requests from travelers from overseas, allowing the visitors to purchase tickets (one way rail tickets on the Keikyu Line) immediately after arriving in Japan without any currency exchange, making their travel in Japan even more convenient. See the details on the attached sheet.
Haneda Airport acts as an entryway to Japan and the Keikyu Tourist Information Center provides services in the spirit of hospitality in order to ensure that those visiting Japan from overseas who travel through the Airport are able to fully experience and enjoy everything Japan has to offer.
Keikyu Tourist Information Center

1. Keikyu Tourist Information Center

(1) Location

Haneda Airport International Terminal Station 2nd Floor Arrival Lobby Next to ticket gate

(2) Major Service Details

  • Transportation guidance focusing on the metropolitan area
    *The center also provides information on how to use ticket machines, station facilities and train information in addition to transportation access.
  • Sales of PASMO, tickets, etc. to visitors to Japan from overseas
    *Union Pay cards can be used to purchase normal passenger tickets on the Keikyu Line
  • Tourist guidance in cooperation with public administration
    *Tourist guidance is provided in cooperation with the following and the counter is registered as an accredited information center
    1. Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) "Visit Japan Tourist Information Office" Category 3
    2. Yokohama Convention & Visitors Bureau "Strategic Private Tourist Information Center"
    3. Tokyo "Tokyo Tourist Information Center"

(3) Hours

7:00-22:00 (365 days a year)

(4) No. of concierge staff

  • 2 staff always on duty
  • 4 languages handled (Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean)

2. Keikyu TIC Credit Card Usage

(1) Cards which were already accepted at the center

Union Pay cards

(2) Newly accepted credit cards


(3) Card payment scope

One way normal tickets on the Keikyu Line
*The acceptance of credit cards is part of our continual improvement of services for customers from overseas and as such is limited to only customers from overseas.

3. Keikyu Tourist Information Center Contact Information

TEL : +81-3-5708-3055