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The "KEIKYU Misaki Maguro Pass" is a special discount set only available to visitors to Japan from overseas which consists of a Free Ticket for all Keikyu Lines and Unlimited Ride Bus Ticket for the Designated Free Ride Area valid for 2 days, a Tuna Cuisine Meal Ticket, and Leisure Facility Use Tickets (2 tickets).A great way to enjoy tuna and Miura in their entirety.

Fully enjoy areas on the Keikyu Line for 2 days via train and bus! The Keikyu Line provides access to a wide variety of appealing destinations including the Tokyo terminal station of "Shinagawa," the downtown areas of "Kamata" and "Kawasaki" where visitors can enjoy common people gourmet, the modern port town of "Yokohama," and many more! Use the 2 days of unlimited rides to casually travel to and visit your favorite areas.

Enjoy the extravagance of Miura's local specialty tuna! Select your favorite restaurant from among the 24 famous restaurants carefully selected by Keikyu and enjoy the delicious flavors of the restaurants' tuna cuisine specialties!

Visit Miura and its wonderful ocean, mountains and nature… And while there enjoy cycling, relaxing your body in hot springs, purchasing unique Miura souvenirs, creating original crafts to commemorate your journey, and more… Select 2 leisure activities to enjoy in Miura from among a total of 8 leisure facilities!

The "KEIKYU Misaki Maguro Pass" is a great deal that combines transportation passenger tickets, meals and leisure activities! Why not use the "KEIKYU Misaki Maguro Pass" to fully enjoy all of Miura's appeal for yourself?!

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