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Free Wi-Fi for two weeks for Keikyu passengers from Haneda!  Convenient for getting information, SNS, or Email when you travel! Wi-Fi spots available for free! Located throughout Japan, including Keikyu Line Haneda Airport International Terminal and Shinagawa station.
Service Outline
Install the TRAVEL JAPAN Wi-Fi app, and input the
issued premium code on your ticket to use 200,000 Wi-Fi spots around the country for two weeks.
Service Outline
For areas convered and other details
How to get the Premium Code
Free Wi-Fi ID issuing
machine available.

Get your ID in just
3 steps!

Go here.
Select language.
Place your passport
facedown and press
“Scan” button.

Please remove the cover.
Please push firmly.

Confirm passport
number and press
“Ticketing” button.
Take paper
printed with
Premium Code.
How to Login
Install the TRAVEL JAPAN Wi-Fi
app from the
App Store or Google Play.
Open the app,
and register by following
the directions.
Enter the premium code
shown here.
You will be able to use
200,000+ Wi-Fi spots
in Japan.
Keikyu provides speedy and convenient transportation services from Haneda Airport to downtown Tokyo and Yokohama
Note: Indicated times are those normally-required during the day to travel from Haneda Airport International Terminal station.
          Time needed for changing trains is not included. Required times are subject to change due to operational status and train type.
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