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KEIKYU Hanetoku Ticket

Only available for purchase onboard airplanes!!
A convenient and affordable ticket for those travelling from Haneda Airport to central Tokyo.

1.Ticket outline

Haneda Airport Domestic Terminal Station or Haneda Airport International Terminal Station

One-way discount ticket for 2 people or round trip discount ticket for 1 person
to/from Shinagawa Station, Sengakuji Station or Yokohama Station.

*Stopovers not allowed

Ticket outline

2.Valid period

10 days from first use


Adults 620 yen (normally 820 yen)
Child 310 yen (normally 420 yen)

*Cost when purchased onboard Hong Kong Express is 40 Hong Kong dollars for adults, 20 Hong Kong dollars for children.

4.Sales Locations

Onboard Hong Kong Express, onboard Peach Aviation

  • *Can be purchased on the above flights bound for Haneda Airport.
  • *Exchange vouchers issued onboard the airplane can be exchanged for tickets at staffed ticket gates inside Haneda Airport International Terminal Station.
  • *Automatic ticket gate machines cannot be used with this ticket. Use at staffed ticket gates.
  • *The tickets may not be available for purchase in some cases such as when there are airplane problems or delays.