Where can I get a Keikyu Line route map and information about individual stations?
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Where can I get information about Keikyu Line fares?
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Where can I get Keikyu Line timetables?
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How do I buy Keikyu Line tickets?
Many ticketing machines of the Keikyu Line have touch screens.
The home screen of all these machines (except at Shinagawa and Haneda Airport stations) display Keikyu Line fares.
If you are transferring to another railway line, such as Toei or JR, select it by pressing the Connection to Partner Lines button, and then select a fare.
*At Shinagawa and Haneda Airport stations, the home screen displays a list of railway lines.
What should I do if I lose my ticket?
You will be asked to pay the fare from the station at which you boarded.
We will issue a Double Receipt Certificate at this time.
If you find the lost ticket within one year, please present it along with this certificate for a refund minus a handling fee.
What types of discount tickets (Special Value Tickets) does Keikyu offer?

Keikyu offers the following discount tickets (Special Value Tickets):
For details, please click the individual ticket name.

  1. Keikyu Haneda and Subway Common Pass:Sold only at Haneda Airport Station.
  2. Tokyo Travel One-Day/Two-Day Pass:Sold only at Haneda Airport Station.

*The tickets above are not sold in advance.

Lost & Found

How do I retrieve a lost and found item?
Please bring identification (e.g., driver's license, health insurance card, student ID, or passport) to the Lost & Found office of the station at which your item is stored. You will be asked to follow a standard procedure and submit your signature.


What are the manners expected of station and train users?
On platforms, we ask that you stand in line for boarding and not rush onto trains. Never play on roller shoes, kick scooters, etc. on platforms and concourses.
If you have trouble using Keikyu Line stations, please feel free to ask the station staff; we would be happy to assist you to the best of our ability.
On trains, we ask that you cooperate in maintaining order for the comfort of all passengers.
* If you see any suspicious persons or items in the stations or on the trains, kindly notify the nearest staff member, patrol officer, or security guard.
What are Priority Seats?
Keikyu Line trains have Priority Seats in each car. We ask for your understanding and cooperation in offering these seats to elderly, disabled, and pregnant passengers.
The location of Priority Seats varies with each car; they can be identified by the color of the hanging straps (orange) and of the seats.
Why is smoking banned at Keikyu Line stations?
Smoking is prohibited in all areas of Keikyu Line stations throughout the day since the enactment of the Health Promotion Act on May 1, 2003.
We ask for your cooperation in refraining from smoking at Keikyu Line stations.
What are the manners expected of cell phone users?
On trains, we ask for your cooperation in switching your cell phone to silent mode and refraining from making or taking voice calls. Please switch your phone off near Priority Seats.
What are Women-Only Cars?
Women-Only Cars is a system Keikyu adopted on May 9, 2005, in light of social circumstances to be a "railway that meets customer needs."
It is in effect on six lines during the morning rush hour on weekdays: northbound Limited Express (TOKKYU) from Uraga, Misakiguchi, and Keikyu Kurihama stations, and Limited Express (KAITOKU) in which four cars are added at Kanazawa-bunko Station for twelve-car service to Shinagawa Station.
Women-Only Cars are designated as the frontmost car (heading for Shinagawa) of each train, from terminus to terminus. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
* Women-Only Cars can also be used by elementary school or younger boys traveling alone, disabled men traveling alone, and male assistants to disabled passengers.
What should I do if I am harrassed?
If you are harassed in stations or on trains, please report it to the nearest staff member.
We will deal with the harasser, if necessary in cooperation with police and other authorities.


Who can I contact for inquiries or feedback?

We have in place Keikyu Customer Center, which acts as a liaison between the Keikyu Group and our customers.
Keikyu draws on your precious feedback and strives to provide better services.

Phone: 03-5789-8686 or 045-441-0999
* Please take care to dial the correct number.

Hours: Weekdays 7:30-21:00; Saturdays, Sundays and holidays 9:00-17:00
* The center closes for system maintenance.


  1. Inquiries about Keikyu Line train fares and times
  2. Searching for items lost on the Keikyu Line
  3. Inquiries about Keikyu Group facilities
  4. Inquiries and feedback about Keikyu services and facilities in general
Why aren't there any waste bins at Keikyu Line stations?
Keikyu has removed waste bins from stations in an effort to reduce waste and preserve the environment and as a counter-terrorism initiative.
The overall response is that our stations have become cleaner.
We have increased the frequency of our cleaning activities, however, and appreciate your understanding of our efforts to maintain clean stations.
What are wheelchair accessible (multi-functional) washrooms?
Keikyu Line stations have clean, spacious washrooms for the comfort of wheelchair users and travelers accompanying small children.
The new washrooms are equipped with child safety seats and baby beds.
Keikyu plans to continue to actively set up these washrooms as far as space and other conditions permit.
Note that multi-functional washrooms are not solely for wheelchair users; they are available to all Keikyu Line users.