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Keikyu TIC service information

Did you know about Keikyu's useful services? Keikyu offers various useful services to make your flight comfortable!

Major Service Details

We provide kind and courteous assistance to customers who need help. KEIKYU Tourist Information Center is set up at Haneda Airport Station exclusively to assist about railway transfers, fares and timetables. Staff members also accompany customers through and around the station as needed.

Hours: 7:00-22:00

1. Staffed by multilingual (English, Chinese, Korean) concierges

We offer services that range from selling Keikyu Line tickets to recommending sightseeing spots in the English, Chinese and Korean languages.
Concierges are available at all times to offer support in four languages. For questions or anything you may need assistance with, please feel free to use their services.

  • *Native speakers for Korean, Taiwanese and Chinese.

2. The highest rank for hospitality

This tourist center received the highest rank of “category 3” in the TIC (Tourist Information Center) Certification System newly established in October 2012 by the Japan National Tourism Organization. Of the 342 certified facilities in Japan, only 7 have received the rank of category 3.

3.Sales of special deal tickets

The center also sells discounted PASMO and passenger tickets.

4.Haneda Airport Access Guide

Access guides useful for travel and various types of pamphlets are distributed at the TIC. Some of the guides and pamphlets can be downloaded from the Web.


Transportation:We offer advice about transferring trains to your destination in addition to selling tickets.

  • *Union Pay cards can be used to purchase normal passenger tickets on the Keikyu Line

Sightseeing:We recommend places of interest and sightseeing spots in Tokyo and Yokohama.
Dining:We recommend and make reservations for restaurants.
Shopping: Please feel free to consult us about souvenirs from Tokyo and from Japan.


Keikyu Line Haneda Airport International Terminal Station 2nd Floor Arrival Lobby Next to ticket gate