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打印Haneda Airport Access Guide与您同行吧!

Haneda Airport Access Guide supports comfortable journeys for travelers from outside Japan to Tokyo and Yokohama.

Airport guide Introduces the facilities and convenient services of Haneda Airport International Terminal and the Keikyu station.
Traveling by train/bus/taxi Lists ways from Haneda Airport to various locations in Tokyo and Yokohama, route maps, and also the ways from Haneda Airport arrival lobbies to railway lines and bus terminals, and from railway lines and bus terminals to Haneda Airport departure lobbies.
Sightseeing spots Lists popular sightseeing spots in Tokyo and Yokohama as well as how to access those spots from Haneda Airport.
Useful infomation Lists news, discount tickets, recommended hotels, and Japanese expressions useful to travelers.
Keikyu initiatives Discusses railway safety measures and manners expected of train passengers in Japan.